2017 Married Couples Retreat at Camp Horizon (Steve Price)

Click on Camp Horizon Audio - 2017 Married Couples - Steve Price to stream the audio files.
The powerpoint file was divided into seven PDF files. Six match the audio files, the seventh file contains extra content.

https://chblog.us/2017MC01  Session One

https://chblog.us/2017MC02  Session Two

https://chblog.us/2017MC03  Session Three

https://chblog.us/2017MC04  Session Four

https://chblog.us/2017MC05  Session Five

https://chblog.us/2017MC06  Session Six

https://chblog.us/2017MCex  Extra Sessions

Florida Men's Bible Study 2017: Click on Camp Horizon Audio

The Florida Men's Bible Study is in session this week (January 2-5, 2017).  Sessions will be uploaded daily.

Monday Evening Sessons (1 & 2) are available now.

Chapel Audio


ChapelAudio.com was created to assist assemblies of believers and other ministries to publish recordings of Bible teachers.  This site also hosts preaching and videos from Camp Horizon events including Summer Camp.

We hope to be a resource for vistors to listen to messages preached in local assemblies by local brothers as well as better known traveling Bible teachers. Some other audio streaming resources are listed below.

All files are for your personal use only.  We have disabled most of the download links on this site.
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Most websites that host preaching and teaching ministry are managed by a single webmaster that must upload the files and produce the links to them. This takes a lot of time. We utilize a player that reads the content each ministry's storage space.  As files are added, moved, or deleted the changes are reflected immediatly in the player menu.  Each chapel or ministry uploads their own files directly.  In some cases the message is ready to stream within minutes after the meeting ends.

The player was purchased and is hosted by this website. Storage is affordably priced and is currently paid for by friends of this ministry.  Our services are provided without fee to qualifying ministries. We can help you to setup both audio and video streaming players.  The player skins can be altered to complement your website color scheme.  The latest player version has been designed with larger buttons to make it easier to control on a tablet or phone. If you do not have a website we can host a page for you here.  

Contact: library@chapelaudio.com for more information.



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